Governments of UAE and Bahrain Understand that the Future Lies in Israel

Political analysts across the world seem to agree. The historic Abraham Accords signed by Israel, the UAE and Bahrain were written and recognized to bring stability in the Middle East, and to an extent worldwide.

The bigger picture, however, is not yet openly being discussed by experts and news anchors.

With the world heading towards a “Great Reset” and the 4th industrial revolution, governments of Arab nations too are realizing that Israeli technology will be at the center of the ‘new normal’ society. Technology that will reshape the systems that companies and governments use to do business and to defend their homelands.

Israeli technology is leading the way in cybersecurity, water security, healthcare, energy management, agriculture and social and diplomatic interactions between individuals and countries.

The leaderships in the UAE and Bahrain are fully aware of this and so is the Trump administration back in the US.

It stands to reason that more Arab nations will follow the UAE and Bahrain, as these countries have now paved the road for more unity, more stability, more peace and better conditions to do business in.

Anyone who is properly informed about the 4th industrial revolution and the technological capabilities of Israeli tech companies knows that eventually the future lies in Israel.

It’s in Israel that corporations such as Microsoft and Google are making long-term investments. Not because they see a big local market in Israel but because they have come to understand that Israel is becoming the world’s central hub where companies and governments from around the world meet each other.

By 2030 Israel will be the ‘Wall Street’ of technology, the ‘City of London’ of innovation and the main agora for world diplomacy. All the signs are there. Governments, not just in Arab nations, are preparing themselves for these major shifts. That is why the Abraham Accords were drafted and signed. The whole world will revolve around Israeli expertise and diplomacy.